July 15, 2008

Helen Reef and the Future

Helen Reef Resources Management Project
Huan Hosei: August 19, 2003 2:04 PM

Hi Sharon, Prof. P W. Black, et al,
Sharon views are interesting as she alludes to money-making schemes. I suggest that FOTI sets up a new post-it forum on Helen Reef Resources Management Project (HRRMP). Our Helen Reef project is at its transitional period now where we (Tobians) should start thinking of sustainable financing means to support our marine resources management efforts. In short, keep in mind that we manage or conserve our marine resources today for our future generations. I believe we have stewardship obligations to ensure that our future generations enjoy the same kind of marine resources we enjoy and appreciate today.
I welcome any thoughts on sustainable revenue generating mechanisms that are viable whether on Hatohobei or Hotsarihie.

Ira bana werimihir,

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Sharon: June 25, 2003 4:13 AM

eh...tek...don't you remember that meeting that all the parents had about the school and who was teaching...from what I heard no one could really do anything. Plus, what's in Tobi other than being an officer and being a nurse? Are there other jobs opened there? Sure there are....but maybe most people don't see it that way...like when i told tanya after a college degree i'll go to tobi and live there. and she was like, you need money! yeah..i do need money..but what, can't i just live on coconut crabs, coconut syrup, fish, taro and all the other good stuff? And maybe i can send up coconut syrup, crabs, and a big turtle to sell for money....Or maybe we can start our own aquaculture business with giant clams, black pearl oysters, sponge farms, and trochus????? People in Pohnpei, RMI, Chuuk, Yap, and Kosrae have started one...we take a look at those and start a tobian one..but i'm just rambling on and on....
Tek: September 14, 2003 10:25 AM

Yes, I strongly support Sharon's ideas. I agree that it could be a source of income for our state and also its people as well. How can we put our words into actions though? Do we have to really wait until we graduate from college to be able to act on these ideas? I hope our state representatives will help us out.
Huan, I was wondering is there anyone besides you and us here in the US that actually logs on to this web?
Anyway, still continue selling Sale-fish too and smoked fish as well. Oh and the syrup too. We could set up a small organization there in Tobi and have people work and sell it to the palau government or if we could, do outside trading. I know this will take a lot of effort and planning but think of the outcome though. It would be great for our state and our people as well.

Cila: December 11, 2003 4:09 AM

WOw! It has been awhile since I logged on to this site.
Reading all this comments really makes me excited. I don't know what to say about what Sharon was saying. Sounds like it's a very good idea. I have only one request before you start all that bussines stuff like black pearl and the other stuff, just promise me to take the advantage and disadvantage of all of them. Especially when your talking about the marine life because some marine life can out run the others, if you know what I mean and that can cause the equilibrium on the reef to fail. Like what Huan said we want the future generation to enjoy what we have now and I'll add maybe more. Lets not just think about the source of income or how are we going to earn money out of this and that. The island was found not by money but by someone you loved and cared for it, our ancestors left something for us and it is our turn to keep what they left in good shape. I have never heard of an island that is way out in the middle of nowhere but has taro patch and from what I gathered from Neira Christina and Neira Petua they were man made. Their stories go way back as to how they got the dirt from giant floating logs, maybe they were playing with me but I believe them. So if we want to make changes we should start from the root of change which are the taro patches because the last time I saw them they were out run by big trees.
You know giant clams does produce pearls, I know this because I have three clam pearls from Helen Reef. Mike found them in a giant clam when we were down there for 3 months. I did not believe him but we took it to a pearle dealer here and he said, its pearls alright. So, you see the island creatures will suprise you with something that you will hold dearly to heart then money. I know that we need money to run the island but we also need the island to stay pure and beautiful for the next generation to see, care for, and love it, the way we do. I'm just rummbling on about this but that is because I do care and love the islands and if I have not finished 85% of my nursing studies I would pursue a study in marine life, which I heard that University of Oklahoma has a very good programs for Marine studies. Who know's maybe I can do both.
You guys out there especially you Tekla, Soty, Sharon, Cheryl and the others please look into ecological science.

typ: May 6, 2004 4:00 PM
Here is an idea that has been brought up.
Sell the island.

Cila: May 18, 2004 4:00 PM
Why??? The island is all that we have left to say it is ours. I mean, what will happen when those palauans decide to kick us out of Palau? I'de like to move somewhere that I don't have to pay taxes, buy food and use money...hehehe... Maybe I'll keep some money for trading...ahhahaha

Cila: July 6, 2004 4:00 PM
Well, we wrote some very good brain storming but I guess it's lost... hehehe. We'll try and re-write.

sharon: July 21, 2004 4:00 PM
LOL! I'm a lil' behind in reading these. But tanya, hahahahahahhahaha!!!! WHAT?!!! sell the island? hehehehe...don't think so. here's another idea; what do people think of starting a small resort and work out a deal with Aggressor or Palau Sport (or whoever brings the tourists down) to have them bring their customers down and let them stay for say, a week or even a few days. When I say small resort, i don't mean PPR. I mean like three little nice looking huts. Get a tour guide and someone to sell carvings, and wala, you got a resort! More ideas on it's way. Oh, but one thing, all the non-biodegradable trash goes back up to Palau on whatever ship brought down the tourists. More ideas on it's way.

sharon: October 15, 2004 4:00 PM
Hey sharon! or how bout... an aqua farm like the one where you studied at so you can feed the whole palauan society!!!! Imagine all the jobs that kind of thing could bring in... imagine the change in the education department of tobi and sonsorol and maybe peliliu and angaur, so that you can fill those jobs... oceoanography, aquaculture, navigating, and basic diving ed. in elementary school. A says a,a,a as in aquaculture! better transportation back and forth if we handle this aqua farm the right way, and maybe dental benefits and pension plans for people if we get good long lasting trades with the asian countries! Or maybe we should just sell it to the highest bidder!