July 15, 2008

Mohori Nifari Posuch ma Mirach: Health & Wellness

There's a page on FOTI called Mohori Nifari Posuch ma Mirach: Health & Wellness in Echang

Have you seen it? What do you think? We are just starting and we could do lots of different things. We'd like to hear your ideas for what we could put on that page.

What ideas do you have about health concerns in Echang? What information would you like to see? What would you like talked about?

Some suggestions we've heard so far are--
  • What people ate on Tobi? Was it better? What kind of food is good to eat now?
  • Pregnancy information--what to know.
  • Old age--what we need to know about staying healthy in old age.
  • Drinking, smoking, betel nut chewing and other things that can make us sick.
Let us know what you think is most important.

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Anonymous said...

yoyo: February 25, 2007 12:21 PM
health/wellness in Echang...i can say it's nice to see the adults getting into some exercise routine, just as they got diagnosed w/diabetes and other diseases, or maybe prevention for some. i believe the younger population have their own active lifestyle w/the basketball court and sports activities. it wouldn't hurt to suggest some exercise programs for both young and adult groups.
the wetter climate in palau makes me think about the entire road/walkways in Echang...too many muds/ditches which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes(dengue fever comes into mind). it would be nice to propose a project to contruct a drainage system to keep the waters flowing to a designated area instead of flowing into people's yards.
lastly, educate the population about a healthier diet, which includes all the five-food groups, instead of just rice and meat, which i know personally is the case for everyone. i would like to see meals on dinner tables that includes maybe rice or other starches, meat/protein, and green salad/vegetables, and i mean, fresh instead of cooked til' it's too soft for taste.
lastly, educate parents to include their kids' daily diet w/fruits for snacks instead of chunk food.

Justin: March 7, 2007 3:34 PM
I think this is a good start on healthy living. "Yoyo" hit it right on the money about better and healthier food choices and excercise. Back on the islands, life might have been relaxed, but you still have to work hard and long hours to get something to eat, and that in its sense and great workout. When outer islanders start moving to Koror, life style changed dramatically. We became somewhat dormant or lazy. The only excercise I could think of that we do in Hapesang is walk up and down from Makutio, Itap or Araki. Our diet also changes from fresh to canned goods and plent of rice. Its really the environment that we choose to live in and our social status that almost from the onset dictates our diet and activity. Education will be the key and jobs with good pay will also play an important role in our healthy living, if we are to live in Koror.

Justin: March 7, 2007 3:43 PM
Pete and Bobbie,
perhaps a good start will be a specific topic and then move on to the next. Topics that concern health or healthy living. I like the ones you have posted. I like to talk about health concerns among people who have settled in Eang. Has there been a study that shows the health risks of Eang Settlers?? I can think of one without researching; diabetes. Anyone with ideas?? after we discuss the different health risks, we can narrow down to which age group gets affected most. And then, we can go into preventive measures, like diet, excercise etc...

Peter Black: March 10, 2007 4:53 AM
What's the Tobi name for noni. And are people using it for the health of their body and/or are they using it for the health of their wallets by collecting and selling it?

And what is the correct spelling for the Tobian word for tumeric? If you look it up on the internet you can see that many people think it has health giving properties.

Justin: March 20, 2007 12:00 PM
The Tobian name for Noni is Nour. Before, nour was used strictly for medicine..the leaves, roots and the fruits. Now, I hear that southwest people harvest the fruits and sell them in Koror.

Tumeric is Heng. I have heard about its healing properties but not sure for what kind of illness. There could be another name for Tumeric in Tobian..Im not sure.

Anonymous: April 7, 2007 11:44 AM
hey justin...ur right about one thing, the exercising walkin' up and down from mokutiwo to araki and itap...but not these days...i think except for the kids who have no ride, they're the ones still walkin' around the area...the rest of the population are too spoiled by the cars since the roads got better.
and yes, diabetes is the right topic 'coz it's the most common for a lot of the adults. and i can only say one thing...food w/plenty "fat" and "cholesterol" or "carbs" comes into mind....but what i've noticed is some adults are actually taking matters into their own hands and sticking to a healthier diet. i could applaud to that one.

Cila: June 30, 2007 11:14 AM
This is very interesting. Here I am studying about Health and Well fare of the Pacific and then I come up here to see this one. Perfect.

Yoyo, Justin and anonymous you are all right. Things have changed in Eang. The roads being the first one. so, ppl drive instead of walking. The food. PPl buy instead of planting. To be honest the food its kind of hard for the southwest island ppl to plant because they don't have land and when they get lucky to plant a few row of tapioca or other stuff they are told to get out of someones land so we really can't do much. So Yano's market becomes our taro patch and our tapioca farm. But remember that the older adult are not working and the younger adult will buy what they think will last them until the next payday.

So yes, education is a must. Teach them different ways to get their greens. Teach them that the best meat is fish. If fish is cooked the only best part is the soup because that is what contains the Omega 3 that we need. exercise is a must too. swimming is the best exercise for the adults. sometimes fruits are hard to get so what ever is growing around the house is good enough. I know that the young adult have no problem with Vit-C because they eat alot of lemon or kingkang. the only problem is they mix it with kool aid and ajinomoto and soy sauce and salt. which can cause alot of problems to the body. I know I am quilty on this one because i do it sometimes. ajinomoto can cause cancer and i know a few tobians that like to cook with it.

Well, like everyone says EDUCATION. Diabetes and Hypertension is the biggest health problem in EANG then comes heart problem.