July 1, 2008

Oil Exploration in Hatohobei State Waters

Peter started this discussion in 2006, saying that we had heard from Sebastian and the Governor that Hatohobei State signed an agreement on March 23 for oil exploration in Hatohobei State waters with a company called Palau Pacific Energy.

Peter's original post and the comments that people made are here.

The Governor said that before anything can happen, the Hatohobei State Legislature has to approve and ratify the agreement. We hope there is time for everyone in the community to think about this, discuss all the issues, and talk to the Hatohobei legislators before the vote.

The Governor says that Palau Pacific Energy is currently waiting for a permit from the Palau government to drill exploratory wells up at Velasco Reef in Kayangel State. Palau Pacific Energy wants to explore for oil in all the outlying states of Palau including Peleliu, Angaur, Sonsorol, and Hatohobei.

Sebas worries that this might put Helen Reef "right in the bull's eye." Didn't something like this happen sometime in the 80s, we wonder?
Use this space to talk about oil exploration and what you think about it.


Anonymous said...

Justin: April 3, 2006 4:00 PM
OIL IN TOBI!! Jackpot or Dead meat!! Economic Benefits and Environmental Impacts will be countless but are we ready for it??? What is our personal interest in this, what will be the State of Hatohobei's role in this. Maybe the Governor and the State legislature should get together and form a committee to look into all these issues whether be they good for the state or bad and inform the public honestly about them. Im not too sure about this now---I will need to do a little research. But I can just picture an OIL Exploratory Rig (not the real one yet) floating off the northern tip of the island just as big or even bigger than the island with all the modern technologies on it---does that make you feel so primitive and outdated and scared???? Lets all get together and think about this carefully.

Crispin: April 4, 2006 4:00 PM
Good point. Hopefully, the State legislature is doing their research. I also believe that research is the key to understanding it will eliminates the questions that people may have.
Let's all contribute to understanding and answers rather than contributing to add on questions that will pile up on our people's mind without answers.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and I appreciate it. I will give a copy to share with the State legislature. FYI, when I submitted the resolution to the legislature I advice the Committee on Social, Resource and Welfare (SRW)which the resolution was assigned to, to hold on to the resolution and allow the people chances to voice their opion on this Oil Exploration in Tobi waters before they vote on.
Hope the others will join in soon on this Oil issue.

Seb: April 11, 2006 4:00 PM
Well, firstly, let me thank our web master for allowing a space for this important issue. It is really an issue that, I think, is well over our own capacity to comprehend. And since the governor has been in on this, I may ask that he provide a copy of the licensing agreement he signed to be posted on this site. That would give people the chance to comment and also would provoke positive contribution from writer, rather than expecting contribution/discussion from people who don't know what really the issue is about.
Yes, it's an oil issue, but what are the detail. May not necessarily floating on the northern tip of the island. It may be on the reef flat in Helen Reef!!!

Seb: April 13, 2006 4:00 PM
After reading the above posting by our web master, I realized something that I may have said that is misleading. Yes, the governor signed a license agreement to give "exclusive right" to Palau Pacific Energy, not just for exploration, but to, and let me put it the way it's written in the agreement, "exploration, drilling and production operations in the ocean areas for petroleum, during the terms of this exploration license".
Again, this is my understanding, but hope that the governor would be able to provide copy of the agreement as a base of discussion.

Cila Patris: December 5, 2006 6:58 PM
Now, I'm worried. Drilling for oil in Tobi? Is it safe for the island? Are the island people ready for what's to come? I mean I don't know what's going to happen but one thing I know is that I'm living in a state that ones held oil numbers in the USA and now every corner of this state is riddled with abandoned oil rigs and its the poorest state of all the US. Are we ready? I haven't visited any of the states but Texas and when I went there I saw rig out in the water and I was told that the water was good but it was not. Their famous beach had film of oil on.

You know I'm all for change for the better but if it has something to do with changing what little piece of heaven then I'm out.

Please, please do some research and think hard about what your doing because this will affect our children's future and their children's.

Cila: December 7, 2006 6:39 PM
I just realize that I came late, very late on this subject. So, please can anyone let me know what happen to this subject? Are they drilling? what happen?

Seb: March 19, 2007 7:46 PM
The propose agreement is still standing, if that doesn't worry you. No drilling yet, maybe soon. Although it has been signed by the governor, without any input from the community, by state constitution, it requires the State Legislature's approval by resolution. So, our only hope of keeping this dirty business (oil exploration/exploitation) out of Hatohobei is for every person of Hatohobei to protest the State Legislature to void this agreement. We also must express our deep apposition to the executive against this kind of business. As our web master puts it, it will put Helen Reef "right in the bulls eye".

Thanks you Cila for raising this concern. I have been very focal here at home in opposing this kind of dirty business. And that is because I have done my research and someone should do some research as well. Not just listening to some business people and think that this is right for Hatohobei. Send email to the governor at hsg@palaunet.com to express your concern(s). Take a look at what Exxon Valdez did in Alaska. Although the accident wasn't oil rig, the environmental damage was from oil spill, which is my basic argument.

Tek: October 26, 2007 7:34 PM
This is a very dangerous issue. Please be very careful in your decisons. I hope that you all still consider nature as being the very center of human survival. In my senior year of college I had to attend a conference called "oil on ice" at the college. It was very sad and yet very educational. The damage that oil spill can cause is, no questions asked, unfathomable! I cannot even imagine the effects on our marine resources, not to mention our small island of tobi. Not to be on the negative side but my understanding after that particular conference is...until you know and understand the effects and consider them...do what is best for our state.

Anonymous said...

I know this part is on Oil Exploration. How about renewable energy or Oil Alternatives. We a generator on Tobi and thousands of coconuts. With simple modifications to the generator, coconut oil can be used. People living on Tobi can make the coconut oil and sell it to the State government for the generator. From this revenue, the State can purchase a bigger generator for fishing projects, other planned projects and home use on the remote island. How about that for an Alternative to Oil.

justin said...

Sorry the Anonymous poster on Renewable Energy and Oil Alternative was me. I finally signed up for a Blogger account.